Thursday, December 22, 2005

Jolly ol St Nicholas..

This was just a little something I was playing with in photoshop. Hope ya'll have a good Xmas. I know I will, I have the week after Christmas off from work!! yeah boyee...Our alpha is in January, so my January is gonna be a fun one!! hehe

Monday, December 12, 2005

Which Superhero are you? Results

I took this test off my buddy Ravo's site Here's who I would be, if I was a superhero mind you. I always had a stong liking for this fella...

Your results:
You are Superman
Green Lantern
The Flash
Iron Man
Wonder Woman
You are mild-mannered, good,
strong and you love to help others.
Click here to take the "Which Superhero are you?" quiz...

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Yahoo! Movies - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Yahoo! Movies - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

The trailer is out now, looks awesome, I cant wait to see it. Fun to see some of what Jack is up to this time around. Working on the game we get to see a lot of the concepts and what not for the movie which is pretty dang cool. It's gonna blow the other movie away imo.

hoop inspired!

after playing some hoops tonight I was inspired. A little different than normal, just hitting the lasso tool trying to find the shapes. It was a fun exercise anyways...

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

quickie sketches for the night

been inspired by all the great's in the blogosphere lately. My daughter playing in the snow today might of helped with the lil sketch of her playing. Thought Id share. Here goes, hope to stay inspired and draw more, so easy to get frustrated and give up, but alas I keep coming back for more punishment :D

Friday, November 18, 2005

Superman Returns Teaser Online!

Brings a tear to the eye...Wow, this looks amazing just with the short bits and pieces, but man, this teaser gave me chills. I love Singer's work here...Summer 2k6 cannot come any sooner...

Thanks to my other Superman homey Ravo for pointing it out!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Who's awake at this hr?

Hey friends, what's up? Wow, a whole month has gone by without a post by me... My lack of posts are for good reason, Ive been super busy at my day jobby doing animations of Jack Sparrow kickin bootay, and by night Ive taken on helping out Liquid Development on a game currently in production (that I can't talk about) hehe gotta love this industry...Get to see stuff before it comes out to the masses. Ive felt like I should post something just to let people know that Im still alive and still doing the art thing animating to my hearts content. Getting lots of animation practice in, which is helping me get better, which I need, but Im very critical of my work, so this is a good thing. I recently made a demo reel, which is how I got work with Liquid. If any would like to see it please let me know and I can send you the link personally, I dont want to just give it out to the masses quite yet, plus I dont know what kinda bandwidth I might get tagged with. Dont want to be paying out the nose in bandwidth fees. It's around 30 megs or so.

I mainly use Maya at Amaze, but Liquid uses 3dStudioMax which is nice to have to get used to all over again, but it's just like riding a bike. It was funny I totally forgot how to copy a key in max, had to go to the help file to remember. It's nice knowing both programs though and will be good since Autodesk bought Alias anyways, just hope they keep Maya up and going for the long haul, it's such a way nicer program to use. I was very reluctant to switch over in the beginning to Alias, but now that I use it, I would miss using it to anything else.

ps dont know who came out in the sketch but just wanted to draw something so at least im coming with something...hehe

Friday, October 07, 2005

Modern fine artists!

WOw, long time, no blog friends. Whats up! Anyways, here are some recent finds that Ive come across that I find inspiring right now.

This guy can paint! Check him out. Morgan Weistling
I got Morgan's link from one of his friends that Ive recently started to read his blog. Very friendly chap! I found this guy from TheWardOMatic, his name is David Darrow and here is his site David Darrow David is another great painter himself. Check him out.

Morgan just released a DVD that Id like to pick up once I find $200 laying around. Also, been fooling with the notion of picking up some paints myself and trying my hand at the ol oil painting. Looks like fun.

Speaking of oil painting, a former co-worker has recently launched his site and his still life's are pretty amazing. I happen to own the pomegranate painting David is a super cool dude and hope his stuff takes off. Super talented cat.

The internet is so dang cool that artists and others as well can connect with each other. Thanks to those checkin my blog out. Hopefully I can be less sporadic and post more stuff I come across or post more of my work. I have some recent figure sessions that I can post, just need to get them scanned.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005


quicksketch for the night. On the left is a caricature of myself. Kinda liked it. Simple but efficient.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hot links!

Some really recent links to some really outstanding artists have been posted on various internet forums and other blogs that I go to check out that I thought I would share the one's that I've really been checking out a lot.

All the links are something special imo.

John Neverez is a Disney artist that recently had posted to the Drawing board, and he's also done a blog. Really appealing stuff he has. You can tell he's been at his craft for a long while now

Stephen Silver is another really amazing Character designer who recently started blogging himself which is awesome to see. Looks like he posts to 2 blogs, his own and sketchclub which is with another artist by the name of Marcelo.

Harald Siepermann is another awesome character designer for all kinds of great films that I find inspirational. I came across his gallery site browsing the Drawing Board at one point, Thorsten Hasenkamm pointed out his gallery. Here that is
Harald Siepermann gallery
Also recently started blogging as well.
Harald Siepermann blog

Justin Ridge I just recently came across his work. Awesome stuff.
Justin Ridge blog

Definitely stuff to aspire to, makes me want to get out the stick of lead and draw, which is what it's all about. Inspiration. Hopefully they inspire you too. Good day!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Badly drawn right arm

drawing for the night. Dont know where the right arm came from but Im drawing, and that's a good thing.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Figure drawing

My pal Tony Ravo posted a figure drawing from his blog which is located here It made me want to post some of my figure drawings that Ive done semi recently so here goes. I still need lots of work, but that's the point of figure drawing, to be a better artist which I can sure use. Thanks to work, we have access to figure drawing every week. I use to go pretty faithfully but as of late Ive not gone. I need to get back in the habit. I made it last week so that's good. Non-clothed figure drawing would probably get me in there more often. :P Our session at work is clothed and the some of the models like to wear really dark leotards which make it hard to see some lines when they wear them. Im not all that fond of drawing dudes either. I find the female form way more appealing and more enticeing to draw. Anyways, here are some of my drawings.

These were taken with my crappy camera phone. The newsprint is kinda hard to get scanned in without scanning in pieces and putting it back together in photoshop. Big pain. hehe Que sera...

Beautiful Canada!

Originally uploaded by newsquirt.
Wow, it's been a while since I last posted eh. Ive been busy with work and life in general, that I havent taken the time to post to my blog. This pic was taken the weekend before last up in Harrison Hot Springs in BC, Canada. Such a sight up there. Tree's and mountains surrounding. It's beautiful up there. Living in the NW is pretty dang nice itself, but man this place is somewhere you need to see if you can make it. It's only 3 hrs away from the Seattle area. Not too bad of a drive. It's a great drive really. The beach there is really really nice. Like having the ocean beach right there on the lake and the water wasnt too bad. It was a little chilly due to it being glacial water from the mountains. Mid Aug is not too bad, considering it was 90 degrees up there too. It felt good to get in the water.

The also have some great sand castle building up there. Coming up very soon in September they have a sand castle building competition. I think I may have to take the family back up there to see that. They have a website which shows some of the past exhibitions. Pretty dang sweet what they can do what that sand. Here is the link

If you follow the pic above there are a couple of other pics that I took while up there. Some good ones of some of the sand castles they have on display right now.

One plus is that the American dollar is worth more than the Canandian dollar so our money is a little easier spent there. Another plus to Canada is the chocolate. :P I had one of the best candy bars Ive had in a long time up there. I heard someone say that they put a waxy like substance in American chocolate. Im not sure if that is accurate or not, but I did notice a different taste to the chocolate up there.

Anyways...Take a look up there if you are in the area, it's worth the trip.
Harrison Hot Springs

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Amaze Golf Tourny yesterday

This was my posse that I rolled with for the day. We shot an 8 over for the scramble. The winning team shot a 2 over so we didnt win... :( I had a great time hanging out with pals from work on the course.
I won $50 for the longest drive. Ya gotta like that...It was a good day.

These pics were taken by my pal Lawrence. Swiped em for my own use. :D Give him a holla in the Seattle area for picture takes.

doodly doodle

more drawing time. Just trying to go with the flow of course. I need to really get working on my posing and try to get full body gestures going. I need more figure drawing and more sketchin. Keepin it real yo! heh

as my buddy Todd would say "Keep on truckin"

Wednesday, July 20, 2005



Bustin out the wacom for a dust off session. Im really anxious to start drawing way more often that I do. I get so much inspiration from so many sources I really need to start putting some of that to use and just go with the flow. My mind likes to tell me I suck, and I need to get over that. So Im going to try and sketch a little something everyday from here on out. As an artist, the only way to get to the good sketches is to get the awful piece of crap sketches outta your system. I know someone has said that. Was it one of the nine old men or someone else. Ive heard it before.... Well I gotta get the crappy sketches outta my system. May come across some goodies...who knows...It's a process....

Heres what I busted last night...or this morning...tired...must sleep...

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Google Earth

Holy smokes, what a time waster. Ever since I downloaded this thing it has sucked up some time. You can get some great imagery of places all over the world. It's pretty dang exciting what google is doing with this. I can see tons and tons of potential with this new tool. You gotta check it out for yourself if you havent played with it yet. You can fly directly over Mt St Helens and get a really good view of it. Really amazing. Ive also looked at the house and street I grew up on as well as my current residence. Ive looked up work as well for some unknown crazy reason. Just good fun surfing around on this. Ive read on some blog about contests on who is able to find national landmarks the fastest with it. :D

Here is the link to go and download it. Google Earth

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Been gone for a bit. Back into Seattle safely! :D

Blue mountain pass in Oregon
Originally uploaded by newsquirt.
Hey there friends. Long time no post. Glad to be back safely from my vacation that I just got back from. My wife and 2 kids just recently packed up the Tahoe and took off down to Utah to spend some time with my family and to get a nice break from work which was much needed on my side. We were also able to spend some time in Boise with my wife's family also. It was a good time had by all to go out and enjoy life for a bit and not worry about work.

Some of the things I was able to do over the time away was to go boating in my sister and fiance's boat, which was great. I also was able to play a couple of rounds of golf. The round I played in Utah I shot a 99 for 18 holes and the round I shot in Boise was a 47 for 9 holes. Not too bad for being the first 2 times out this year on the golf course.

One of the other highlights that I didnt get a picture of was being able to ride my Dad's Dyna Wide Glide Harley, which was a joy and made me want a motorcycle even more so than ever. Thanks Dad! heh

Got to also see all my nephews on my side of the fam. Which was cool. Ive posted quite a few pics on my flickr site.

One of the other things I noticed while away was that Ward from the wardomatic posted a link to my blog off his. Thanks Ward...Didnt have a way to say anything at the time. heh Hopefully I can post something cool that will be worthwhile for some of the new traffic from there. And a big ol hello to ya all.

When we were in Boise Id, we got to go to the waterpark there. Pretty much spent all day on the 3rd at the waterpark. I think I was having too much fun that I forgot to put some sunscreen on or I forgot that I was a Seattle whitey who needed to be lathered up in sunscreen. Anyways....Ill spare ya the painful details unless you want to see a great pic of the blisters I was able to get tagged with. I do know this, next time I go and spend a whole day out in the sun, that Im going to make sure that I put the sunscreen on and not try to be tough. Beats getting skin cancer.

Also we spent our 4th of July in a small po dunk farming community outside of Boise, Id called Melba. It was real small, had that home town feel. They had a cool, very small parade that they threw out candy to the little kids kinda thing going so my kids were super happy just filling their bags with candy. Then they also had a small carnival that the kids were able to go and do some fun stuff. After the little carnival we were able to head back into Boise for a bit to hang out then we headed back out to Melba to see the fireworks. For me personally I enjoy seeing my kids have fun and be around thier cousin's but I think Seattle's fireworks are tons tons better in quality and quantity. Gotta figure the market is so much bigger up here compared to down there. Get what ya get...But anyways...We had fun.

You can follow this pic to my flickr site to see some of the photo's or the top pic on the right should take ya there too. Check em out.

Family pic in front of water statue on Temple grounds

Thursday, June 09, 2005


Im known to throw out the word "word" often due to me running with the wrong crowd as a teenager, and when I said it today to one of my pals at work he showed me this. I thought it was pretty funny. Guess it's been around, but I had never seen it. Maybe you havent either.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Adding my workspace to the mix.

My workspace at Amaze
Originally uploaded by newsquirt.
I love seeing other artists workspaces. Ive seen workspace thread's on tons of threads all around the net, and Ive never took the time to take the photo's to share. Well I was inspired this time by Ward from "The Ward O Matic", and I also noticed one of the guys that I work with posted his new space on his blog too. Danny is one of the new animators on Pirates.

We just moved over the weekend into cubeland. So all my pictures and artwork are not displayed. But I was able to add a bit here and there.

If you click on the picture it will take you to my flickr site which has more photos and notes added 'splaining some areas. Man I really dig flickr, you can really add nice touches to pics. Im thinking of moving on up to the pro account. The free account only gives you 20meg upload room. Not all that much room, if you plan on sharing tons of pics.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Fencing project over Memorial Day weekend

Here is a glimpse of what I did over Memorial Day weekend. All day Saturday was taken up by doing this fence, mainly by myself til my neighbor came out and helped later in the afternoon. I did a majority of all the hard work like digging the post holes and mixing the cement and placing the posts in. I also put up all the 2x4's and the 1st 3 sections you see I put all the cedar boards up. Lot of work. The last 3 sections had to be taken down 3 times, cause things got lopsided, and another time we decided to try and step it down, then I contacted my contractor friend who came over and took a look and said why not just cut it with the skilsaw, so that's what we did. I also cut all the posts to match. It was a lot of hard work but so worth it. The price I was quoted by some fencing co. would've set me back $1200, but I was able to put this up for about $500. Big difference. Damn labor jobs...They kill ya, but they get the job done a lot faster than some scrub who's not sure what they are doing :) Here is another photo

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Star Wars Ep III Revenge of the Sith books

Art of Episode III

The Making of SW Revenge of the Sith

2 books that are amazing and should be in your library if you are an artist. Holy smokes I love the Art of book a lot. So many wonderful pictures to look at. I think this is the best book out of all the Art of SW books that have been published imo. So many really amazing artists like Ryan Church, Iain McCaig, Feng Zhu etc etc... I name those 3 because I have their DVDs from gnomon online that are really dang cool too. Awesome to see how they work.

Ill definitely be posting my review and take on the movie once I see it tomorrow. Some pals from work are heading out for a 12:20 showing of ROTS. CANT WAIT CANT WAIT!!!! Im such a dang SW geek... :) Happy to say too! Im not your typical Lucas basher, Ive been a big fan of all his work, cept for Howard the Duck (just gotta make that point) lol Though plot holes abound and yes the dialog will be total cheese and ugh but, I think Georgy is a visionary! We would not have ILM, THX, Star Wars, Pixar, were it not for the man with neck! :) Anyways, more to come as I see the film and geek out over it. Reviews have been mostly kind so that is good to hear. My review I already know will be glowing unless he really f's up, which I doubt.

GO VADER! woot

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Amaze Entertainment!

All the published games I've worked on while at Amaze!

This is what Ive been doing for the last 8 years. Just kind of a little retrospective. Kinda like my little resume in graphic format. It sure is fun to look back and see what has been accomplished in the time Ive been doing this art career. Onward ho.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Drawing Board

One of the sites that I check pretty regularly and frequently get a daily dose of inspiration from is The Drawing Board There are a lot of pro's working in the art industry, ranging from Movies, Games, Graphic Art..You name it artisticly and there is someone from that group represented at the db.

Anyways, part of one of the sections in the drawing board is called drawing jam, in which the mod posts some new photos that are to inspire and all the artists who want to participate can. The new photo that was posted up inspired me Friday to drop my work that I was doing for a bit and do a quick sketch. I kinda liked how the sketch looked so I decided to email it to myself and paint it at home when I got off work. This is what came about.

Still working on all my dang drawing flaws. The remedy to that is to freakin draw! Gotta remind myself daily to pick up the pencil. Can only get better if I practice, practice, PRACTICE!


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Dead Man's Chest PSP

Captain Jack Sparrow

Cat's outta the bag. This is what I be working on yargh!!

Im the lead animator for the project, it's been pretty fun so far. We're just getting the E3 demo ready for the big show in May. It looks awesome. As soon as I can show stuff I will. I'm working with some really amazing artists on the team too. Hopefully it will put us on the map. We need it....

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Lack of updates!

I suck..My serious lack of updates is due to sickness and burnout. Two things that dont go well together. I think Im coming out of it now though so that is good and I can get back to updating.

New posts are a comin...

Friday, March 18, 2005

More house plans!

You know those first house plans that were posted a while back, well whatever I did it worked. My bro-inlaw worked me an awesome deal. Some new freelance coming my way. Gotta like that. I didnt know the market for this type of stuff was out there. What a cool way to earn some extra $$. Painting house plans baby... :)

I should probably put a disclaimer on these and say they are the property of CapitolBuildingCo in Boise ID.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Expressive hands

I've always had a hard time drawing hands, and Ive gotten over the years some really valuable sheets showing great expressive cartoony hands. I thought Id share some of the sheets. I dont know who actual drew these but they are really nice.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Drawn! blog

A new blog that looks like it will be an amazing resource. Taken from their site

Drawn! is a multi-author blog devoted to illustration, art, cartooning and drawing. Its purpose is to inspire creativity by sharing links and resources.

Go check it out!

Friday, March 04, 2005


Had one of my good nights in basketball tonight. I scored 15 points. Boy my shot was hitting every time I got the ball. You gotta love that when it happens. Get the ball and take it to the rack man! Im learning to be more aggressive with the ball. One of my downfalls, but Im learning. I've been watching a lot of the And-1 stuff on ESPN. Man those guys are just sick the way they play. Amazing.

The team that we played was all under 25 or so. The team I play on is made up of mostly older guys over 30, but we have a couple guys in the late teens and early 20's. One of the guys we have just joined us. He's still in high school and he's 6'6 or 6'7, it's super fun to play with him, cause you can pretty much just watch him dunk the ball every time he gets it. That was the case tonight, a number of alleyoops, and slamma jamma. It was sweet. Our team just played some really good fundamental basketball and we crushed the other team. I think the final score was 45-20. Kind of embarrassing for the young guys actually. We were playing regular 2-3 defense and we were shutting them down. It was a lot of fun. It's games like tonight that make me keep coming back for more. Killing my knees and my back! haha

Thursday, March 03, 2005

On the way to work!

Washington has to be one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

This was taken with my camera phone on my way into work today. The sun has been shining lately up here in Washington. I have to say when the sun is out here, it cant be beat. Trees everywhere giving us the fresh clean air.

I was trying to get the mountain in the picture too..Well actually it is in the picture, but you can't see it. My camera phone takes shitty pictures. It's really awesome when it's out. I come around this corner on I-405 and if the mountain is out "Blam, it just sticks out like a sore thumb." It's a massive volcano too, sweetness...Cant wait for it to blow it's top..NOT!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The singing hellova dancing pedo.

Man it's really sad what my man Michael Jackson has come too huh? I really admire his amazing musicianship and he will live on in his music but with the trial starting up, I have a feeling he's gonna get busted this time around. Ive always been one to really believe in MJ but there's something about this time that Im having a hard time keeping him not guilty, til proven guilty.

Im gonna try and catch some of the reenactment that Court TV supposedly is gonna televise. That should be funny...a reenactment...What an idea...Jeez..

Jackson May Testify, Pop Star's Lawyer Suggests
.. That should be interesting.. hah yeah..

I dont know, there's something about ol Mike that really just reeks of pedophilia now days. Maybe it's cause Im older, but I use to be soooo naive as to what Mike was doing with all those kids. He's wacko Jacko to me now.... sad really....I wont be surprised if they find him guilty.

Good luck MJ, you're gonna need it. Dont know if money's gonna help this time round..Maybe it will who knows. Look at OJ.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Making it happen!

I came across this guys blog a little while ago, and I really enjoy what he has to say for the most part. This guy has a great way with words, though most of it was through his Grandfather. It's a nice read anyways.

Making it in life

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Colored house plans

I just recently did these for my brother in law who designs houses. He needed some colored up so this is what I did for him.





Monday, February 14, 2005

Retro drawing

This thread over at the CartoonRetro forum has a great discussion about Christoper Hart's new book coming out which looks atrocious compared to the "Real retro artists". Like it's stated in the forum, "Why go to that book looking to draw retro, why not just go to the actual source"

Like subscribing to Cartoon Retro! Which I plan on doing soon. Sooooo much great stuff over there. Plus some of the stuff Shane is planning on adding seems like it will be pretty valuable.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Seattle Comic Con Sketches

Here are the sketches from the con that my son and I were able to get. Good times. Im going to the San Diego Comic Con this year, and Im looking forward to it. Im going to make sure I take my sketchbook with me this time so I can get some more sketches.

Pigtale sketch!

Lieber's batman

Awesome Rex sketch from Michel Gagne

Kevin Hanna's sketch
I forgot that we had gotten a sketch from Kevin til I went home and grabbed the sketches to scan so here is Kevin's site too

Kasey Q's sketch

Monday, February 07, 2005

Emerald City Comic Con

Over the weekend I went to the Emerald City Comic Con, which was awesome. Really inspired me to want to draw for sure. My son had come out with me, and he seemed to have had a really good time. He was able to get some really great sketches from some really good guys. Ill have to scan them in so peeps can see them. We were able to get sketches from Ovi Nedelcu, Steve Lieber, Michel Gagne, and Kasey Quevedo. Each has a website showcasing their art.

Ovi Nedelcu's site is
Steve Lieber's site is
Michel Gagne's site is
Kasey's site is

Ill try and post the drawings that we got real soon.

I also watched the movie Ray with Jamie Foxx this weekend. Wow, what an amazing movie that was. I think I was more amazed at what Jamie was able to accomplish in the role of Ray Charles. I really hope he wins the Oscar. He deserved it very much so. He's a pretty dang talented piano player himself. He went to school on a piano playing scholarship. Really cool.

Monday, January 31, 2005

Incredible Annie Awards

Congratulations to Brad Bird for his take at the Annie's! The Annie Awards were last night and The Incredibles won a ton of stuff. Deservedly so. It was such a wonderfully inspiring film I thought. Let's hope they win the Oscar as well. Shouldn't be a problem going up against Shrek2 and Sharktale. I didnt really care for either of those films too much. We got to work on the games for Shrek2 and Sharktale at the company I work for. I didnt get to work on Shrek2 but I was the lead animator for Sharktale (PC games btw).

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I dont watch all that much television, but there are a couple of programs that I really like to watch. One of them is DOG the Bounty Hunter. I always love watching what kinda person he is after next. I also love watching the interaction between him and his wife. They seem so perfect for each other. I think it would be a hoot to go out and bounty hunt like that. I'd love to do it in Hawaii just as well. Hawaii is my kind of place...Seems so laid back. If only there were tons of game companies out there, which there is not. :( I still need to go and visit at least.

Cant leave without sharing an art link for the day. One of the guys that frequent's The Drawing Board, and a wonderful artist. Dean Yeagle

Monday, January 24, 2005

Animation Show!

thanks to the Ward O Matic for this one.

It will be here Feb. 25th at the Varsity in Seattle, with Mike and Don in attendance. I'd really like to go to this. I missed last year, but I'd seen quite a few of the shorts that were included in the 1st. This one looks pretty good, and I really respect Mike and Don for what they are doing in the Animation field.

Poster by Tim Biskup is mighty fine as well.
Movies I watched this weekend:

Napoleon Dynamite:
Friggin DUMB! Had to be one of the worst movies I think I've ever sat through in my life. I wanted to give it a chance and I did watch it all the way to the end, but I was waiting for something funny to happen. It didn't. I had read quite a few reviews saying "Oh laugh out loud funny, blah blah blah..." What the hell were they watching. I thought it sucked! HORRIBLE

Shaolin Soccer: My son wanted to see this one, I finally got it through Blockbuster online. Anyways, I thought this was pretty fun. I think I got more enjoyment out of watching my son watch it. He was totally glued. He loves soccer and you add Kung Fu to the mix OH MAN! It was sooo funny, my daughter through the movie as well was going Hiiiiii yah and then kicking a soccer ball that they had brought into the living room as they were watching. Then my son tells me at the end "Dad, I'm gonna learn some kung fu so I can play soccer like that." I laughed.

Couple new art links for the day :

A co-worker turned me onto this girl, her name is Lori Earley. She's in the new issue of Juxtapose. Check it out. Really awesome look, kinda creepy, but dang...

I've been enjoying this guys posts. The little crockpot of News and Thoughts. Some really fun drawings as well

Also went to a friends surprise birthday party on Saturday at a club down on Queen Anne called the Mirabeau room. My wife and I had a great time celebrating with everyone there. It was pretty cool, they had 2 blackjack tables and a roulette table. I spent most of my time playing it up at the blackjack table. We were playing with fake money. We started out with like $30,000. I think the most I made was like almost $400,000 or so, maybe a little less than that. All I remember I had a blue chip which was worth $250k, plus a whole stack of other colors. It was damn fun though. If only you could play with that kinda money for real. That would be awesome to win that kinda money. Sure would take care of all the debts I'm into. :) Anyways I did a little sketch of the birthday boy, because his wife had asked for some caricatures. There were quite a few of them there. I didn't have a chance to really see them all, but I did see some of them. Some really fun ones. Anyways here's what mine turned out like.

Pic of Andrew

Friday, January 14, 2005

Basketball Referees

Last night had to be one of the most rediculous nights of basketball refereeing I think Ive seen in a while. We were maybe 5 minutes into our game and one of the guys on our team kept getting hacked every time he drove to the lane. So he says to the ref "You gonna blow the whistle or what? Come on gimme something here" Totally not being rude, just asking for a call or something. Anyways this total moron for a ref instantly calls a technical foul. "WTF!" You have got to be kidding. Anyways you can imagine what we were all saying and what not. All mouthing off is easy to assume. So the jerk then calls another technical ending our game for the night. 2 T's and the game is over. LDS basketball at it's finest. Worst ref'ing night Ive seen in a long while.

Art link of the day:

This guy here has some amazing art on his site. Im a big fan of Jake's style. Something for people who may not of seen his stuff.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Man my two teams that I actually follow in the NFL lost yesterday or Saturday for that matter. Seattle Seahawks lose by a touchdown due to a dropped pass. Those guys get paid the big $$ to not drop passes. The Denver Broncos were up against this year's MVP's team Indy, so that loss doesnt count. Manning will be placed amongst the best once he's done. I would of liked to see the way Elway would play against Manning. That would be a sweet matchup.

Talking basketball now, the Supersonics looked awesome last night against Miami. Fortson really held his ground pretty well against The Deisel (Shaq). Man, do the officials really give Shaq that much room to work. I'd be calling fouls on him left and right. That dude gets away with a lot due to his size. It was good to see Seattle come back from 15 or more. It was a sweet game. They really look good this year.