Monday, January 24, 2005

Movies I watched this weekend:

Napoleon Dynamite:
Friggin DUMB! Had to be one of the worst movies I think I've ever sat through in my life. I wanted to give it a chance and I did watch it all the way to the end, but I was waiting for something funny to happen. It didn't. I had read quite a few reviews saying "Oh laugh out loud funny, blah blah blah..." What the hell were they watching. I thought it sucked! HORRIBLE

Shaolin Soccer: My son wanted to see this one, I finally got it through Blockbuster online. Anyways, I thought this was pretty fun. I think I got more enjoyment out of watching my son watch it. He was totally glued. He loves soccer and you add Kung Fu to the mix OH MAN! It was sooo funny, my daughter through the movie as well was going Hiiiiii yah and then kicking a soccer ball that they had brought into the living room as they were watching. Then my son tells me at the end "Dad, I'm gonna learn some kung fu so I can play soccer like that." I laughed.

Couple new art links for the day :

A co-worker turned me onto this girl, her name is Lori Earley. She's in the new issue of Juxtapose. Check it out. Really awesome look, kinda creepy, but dang...

I've been enjoying this guys posts. The little crockpot of News and Thoughts. Some really fun drawings as well

Also went to a friends surprise birthday party on Saturday at a club down on Queen Anne called the Mirabeau room. My wife and I had a great time celebrating with everyone there. It was pretty cool, they had 2 blackjack tables and a roulette table. I spent most of my time playing it up at the blackjack table. We were playing with fake money. We started out with like $30,000. I think the most I made was like almost $400,000 or so, maybe a little less than that. All I remember I had a blue chip which was worth $250k, plus a whole stack of other colors. It was damn fun though. If only you could play with that kinda money for real. That would be awesome to win that kinda money. Sure would take care of all the debts I'm into. :) Anyways I did a little sketch of the birthday boy, because his wife had asked for some caricatures. There were quite a few of them there. I didn't have a chance to really see them all, but I did see some of them. Some really fun ones. Anyways here's what mine turned out like.

Pic of Andrew

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