Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Seattle Comic Con Sketches

Here are the sketches from the con that my son and I were able to get. Good times. Im going to the San Diego Comic Con this year, and Im looking forward to it. Im going to make sure I take my sketchbook with me this time so I can get some more sketches.

Pigtale sketch!

Lieber's batman

Awesome Rex sketch from Michel Gagne

Kevin Hanna's sketch
I forgot that we had gotten a sketch from Kevin til I went home and grabbed the sketches to scan so here is Kevin's site too http://www.frogchildren.com

Kasey Q's sketch

1 comment:

El Snoozo said...

Great stuff! I love the Pigtale sketch, that's confident line work with a Sharpie (?)

Lots of great work there, I really can't wait till next year so I can purchase some more original art..Or I'll drag my nephew along, so we can get some free sketches!!