Monday, December 13, 2004

A great interview of Eric Goldberg, one of Disney's finest in the anim biz. A really great read.

Ive recently come across a couple of really good blogs which are interesting reads as well. 2 guys from the Atlanta area.

James Palmer (dude can draw)

I just recently got to watch the Frank and Ollie DVD. Man those guys were something else and definitely something to aspire to. The magic they made is super inspiring no doubt. They made it look so easy. Im here to tell you that animation is not as easy as it might look. A lot of thought goes into all you see on the screen. The animator has to really convey the sense of emotion, coming from inside themselves. Really awesome when you think about it.

Til next time.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Christmas lights really piss me off. First of all I get up on my roof and make sure I dont fall off. I take my time in doing it right, and get them all put up. Then the damn things dont seem to work. They were working as I put them up. I did notice that I was having a fuse problem, which I thought I had fixed, by replacing with a new fuse. Little did I know that new fuse I put in blows right when I put it in. WTF! Grrrrr. Shit is annoying.

Gotta love starting on a new project at work. It will be a fun one I think. I will get to tackle some really fun animation and Im looking forward to that. It's been a while since I was really excited to animate something. Animating fish got old real quick in regards to animating for Sharktale (PC). Looking forward to animating some humans!

Recently been helping out coloring some concept drawings drawn by an amazing co-worker whom Ive worked with for the last 7 yrs. It's inspiring to be a part of the creative process. Getting to decide what color's that character will get to wear for that particular game. It's good fun no doubt about it, and really helping me get back into creativity mode again. It's been a real dry spell lately at work, but with all the new biz going on it will be nice to get back into it.