Thursday, August 30, 2007

inkin my drawls

So I picked up one of those cool Pitt inking brush pen's just to see what they are like and even though I cant ink worth an ish, I really like what you can do with them.

Just a couple of random quick sketches.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

wow! long time no blog..well here's some drawins for ya..

Hey folks, lots been happenin in my world. I moved to Utah, but ya'll knew that already, but I also since my last post, bought a new house, been workin my tail off on the next gig for Disney, moving my family down to Utah, done lots of wakeboarding and wakeskating with my sister (got pics too), went down to San Diego for Siggraph 07 and just been chillaxin as the kids would say. I've been without the innernet for a lil bit at home and just recently got it back THANK all that is HOLY. :D My lifeline is back in full effizzle. Want my friends to know I got's nuttin but love for ya all. For now you get some of my sketches from my sketchbook that Ive been honestly trying to do more of. I need to also post some notes about Siggraph which I had a good time at. Also gonna try and do some more posts from my sketchbook as I draw more. Most of these sketches are just that, sketches....On to em!

Also just for fun Ill post my one and only picture from Siggraph...I got to go to a coworker(friend)'s graduation at Siggraph...He graduated from Animation Mentor, and can draw like nobody's bidness....

See, I was excited to hang with Mel and Mel wasnt so excited...haha Look at me everyone Im hangin with Mel Milton...hah Hollywood himself...haha