Friday, October 07, 2005

Modern fine artists!

WOw, long time, no blog friends. Whats up! Anyways, here are some recent finds that Ive come across that I find inspiring right now.

This guy can paint! Check him out. Morgan Weistling
I got Morgan's link from one of his friends that Ive recently started to read his blog. Very friendly chap! I found this guy from TheWardOMatic, his name is David Darrow and here is his site David Darrow David is another great painter himself. Check him out.

Morgan just released a DVD that Id like to pick up once I find $200 laying around. Also, been fooling with the notion of picking up some paints myself and trying my hand at the ol oil painting. Looks like fun.

Speaking of oil painting, a former co-worker has recently launched his site and his still life's are pretty amazing. I happen to own the pomegranate painting David is a super cool dude and hope his stuff takes off. Super talented cat.

The internet is so dang cool that artists and others as well can connect with each other. Thanks to those checkin my blog out. Hopefully I can be less sporadic and post more stuff I come across or post more of my work. I have some recent figure sessions that I can post, just need to get them scanned.