Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hot links!

Some really recent links to some really outstanding artists have been posted on various internet forums and other blogs that I go to check out that I thought I would share the one's that I've really been checking out a lot.

All the links are something special imo.

John Neverez is a Disney artist that recently had posted to the Drawing board, and he's also done a blog. Really appealing stuff he has. You can tell he's been at his craft for a long while now

Stephen Silver is another really amazing Character designer who recently started blogging himself which is awesome to see. Looks like he posts to 2 blogs, his own and sketchclub which is with another artist by the name of Marcelo.

Harald Siepermann is another awesome character designer for all kinds of great films that I find inspirational. I came across his gallery site browsing the Drawing Board at one point, Thorsten Hasenkamm pointed out his gallery. Here that is
Harald Siepermann gallery
Also recently started blogging as well.
Harald Siepermann blog

Justin Ridge I just recently came across his work. Awesome stuff.
Justin Ridge blog

Definitely stuff to aspire to, makes me want to get out the stick of lead and draw, which is what it's all about. Inspiration. Hopefully they inspire you too. Good day!

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