Monday, January 10, 2005

Man my two teams that I actually follow in the NFL lost yesterday or Saturday for that matter. Seattle Seahawks lose by a touchdown due to a dropped pass. Those guys get paid the big $$ to not drop passes. The Denver Broncos were up against this year's MVP's team Indy, so that loss doesnt count. Manning will be placed amongst the best once he's done. I would of liked to see the way Elway would play against Manning. That would be a sweet matchup.

Talking basketball now, the Supersonics looked awesome last night against Miami. Fortson really held his ground pretty well against The Deisel (Shaq). Man, do the officials really give Shaq that much room to work. I'd be calling fouls on him left and right. That dude gets away with a lot due to his size. It was good to see Seattle come back from 15 or more. It was a sweet game. They really look good this year.

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Anonymous said...

Watching "professionals" drop passes really hurts..Because I could do it. I know some people would say
"You try it, see how well you do?"

Give me his salary and I would go do it..What's the worst that could happen? Drop a possible game winning TD?

As for the Sonics I think they're the team. Phoenix looks strong but for the run and gun they play, people are gonna tire out and they have NO bench.