Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Adding my workspace to the mix.

My workspace at Amaze
Originally uploaded by newsquirt.
I love seeing other artists workspaces. Ive seen workspace thread's on tons of threads all around the net, and Ive never took the time to take the photo's to share. Well I was inspired this time by Ward from "The Ward O Matic", and I also noticed one of the guys that I work with posted his new space on his blog too. Danny is one of the new animators on Pirates.

We just moved over the weekend into cubeland. So all my pictures and artwork are not displayed. But I was able to add a bit here and there.

If you click on the picture it will take you to my flickr site which has more photos and notes added 'splaining some areas. Man I really dig flickr, you can really add nice touches to pics. Im thinking of moving on up to the pro account. The free account only gives you 20meg upload room. Not all that much room, if you plan on sharing tons of pics.


mokusa said...

Hey man, sweet digs (for a cube). thats some pretty fancy slide show action you have set up there with the little roll-over high-lights and all that.

Ward Jenkins said...

Very nice setup! I always love to check out other people's workspaces. What threads are you talking about? I'm curious now.

Thanks for sharing.

Newsquirt said...

Ward, here are a couple that come to mind right away.

Concept Art.org

Anonymous said...

Hey, Me and tom say quit queering up the internet w/ your lib-tard tendencies.



Anonymous said...

hee hee- what a suckerpunch we gave you!

Newsquirt said...

Memo and Tom sitting in a tree!! hee hee