Friday, November 11, 2005

Who's awake at this hr?

Hey friends, what's up? Wow, a whole month has gone by without a post by me... My lack of posts are for good reason, Ive been super busy at my day jobby doing animations of Jack Sparrow kickin bootay, and by night Ive taken on helping out Liquid Development on a game currently in production (that I can't talk about) hehe gotta love this industry...Get to see stuff before it comes out to the masses. Ive felt like I should post something just to let people know that Im still alive and still doing the art thing animating to my hearts content. Getting lots of animation practice in, which is helping me get better, which I need, but Im very critical of my work, so this is a good thing. I recently made a demo reel, which is how I got work with Liquid. If any would like to see it please let me know and I can send you the link personally, I dont want to just give it out to the masses quite yet, plus I dont know what kinda bandwidth I might get tagged with. Dont want to be paying out the nose in bandwidth fees. It's around 30 megs or so.

I mainly use Maya at Amaze, but Liquid uses 3dStudioMax which is nice to have to get used to all over again, but it's just like riding a bike. It was funny I totally forgot how to copy a key in max, had to go to the help file to remember. It's nice knowing both programs though and will be good since Autodesk bought Alias anyways, just hope they keep Maya up and going for the long haul, it's such a way nicer program to use. I was very reluctant to switch over in the beginning to Alias, but now that I use it, I would miss using it to anything else.

ps dont know who came out in the sketch but just wanted to draw something so at least im coming with something...hehe


Alina Chau said...

fun sketch!

mokusa said...

Good to see you are still drawing, keep em coming!

Jeffro said...

Say it yo!...
Yo it say.
It say yo.
It yo say.
Say yo it.

wtf? YARGIN!

Actually, I like it. Keep drawerin'!

Patrick Morgan said...

Hey man. Thanks for the kind words on my blog. Nice sketch here. Loose.

Mark McDonnell said...

Great sketch man . . . yeah, we all know that feeling. Isn't being an artist something something? Nice work man.