Monday, February 07, 2005

Emerald City Comic Con

Over the weekend I went to the Emerald City Comic Con, which was awesome. Really inspired me to want to draw for sure. My son had come out with me, and he seemed to have had a really good time. He was able to get some really great sketches from some really good guys. Ill have to scan them in so peeps can see them. We were able to get sketches from Ovi Nedelcu, Steve Lieber, Michel Gagne, and Kasey Quevedo. Each has a website showcasing their art.

Ovi Nedelcu's site is
Steve Lieber's site is
Michel Gagne's site is
Kasey's site is

Ill try and post the drawings that we got real soon.

I also watched the movie Ray with Jamie Foxx this weekend. Wow, what an amazing movie that was. I think I was more amazed at what Jamie was able to accomplish in the role of Ray Charles. I really hope he wins the Oscar. He deserved it very much so. He's a pretty dang talented piano player himself. He went to school on a piano playing scholarship. Really cool.

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