Thursday, July 21, 2005

Amaze Golf Tourny yesterday

This was my posse that I rolled with for the day. We shot an 8 over for the scramble. The winning team shot a 2 over so we didnt win... :( I had a great time hanging out with pals from work on the course.
I won $50 for the longest drive. Ya gotta like that...It was a good day.

These pics were taken by my pal Lawrence. Swiped em for my own use. :D Give him a holla in the Seattle area for picture takes.


El Snoozo said...

Game?? You think this is a GAME?...This LIFE OR DEATH MUTHAF*CHAS!

Man that was some good fun..Next year I'm not going to hit the driving range AT ALL..Goin cold turkey!

Bible_sponge said...

your arts cool! check mine out at..

it has doodles and appleworks paintings. have fun! LOL (^_^)