Friday, January 14, 2005

Basketball Referees

Last night had to be one of the most rediculous nights of basketball refereeing I think Ive seen in a while. We were maybe 5 minutes into our game and one of the guys on our team kept getting hacked every time he drove to the lane. So he says to the ref "You gonna blow the whistle or what? Come on gimme something here" Totally not being rude, just asking for a call or something. Anyways this total moron for a ref instantly calls a technical foul. "WTF!" You have got to be kidding. Anyways you can imagine what we were all saying and what not. All mouthing off is easy to assume. So the jerk then calls another technical ending our game for the night. 2 T's and the game is over. LDS basketball at it's finest. Worst ref'ing night Ive seen in a long while.

Art link of the day:

This guy here has some amazing art on his site. Im a big fan of Jake's style. Something for people who may not of seen his stuff.

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