Thursday, July 14, 2005

Google Earth

Holy smokes, what a time waster. Ever since I downloaded this thing it has sucked up some time. You can get some great imagery of places all over the world. It's pretty dang exciting what google is doing with this. I can see tons and tons of potential with this new tool. You gotta check it out for yourself if you havent played with it yet. You can fly directly over Mt St Helens and get a really good view of it. Really amazing. Ive also looked at the house and street I grew up on as well as my current residence. Ive looked up work as well for some unknown crazy reason. Just good fun surfing around on this. Ive read on some blog about contests on who is able to find national landmarks the fastest with it. :D

Here is the link to go and download it. Google Earth

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Byagi said...

Google Earth is very cool. I've been using it to find landmarks and things like that. If you look at certain places, they have them blurred out, like the white house and area 51. Interesting.