Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The singing hellova dancing pedo.

Man it's really sad what my man Michael Jackson has come too huh? I really admire his amazing musicianship and he will live on in his music but with the trial starting up, I have a feeling he's gonna get busted this time around. Ive always been one to really believe in MJ but there's something about this time that Im having a hard time keeping him not guilty, til proven guilty.

Im gonna try and catch some of the reenactment that Court TV supposedly is gonna televise. That should be funny...a reenactment...What an idea...Jeez..

Jackson May Testify, Pop Star's Lawyer Suggests
.. That should be interesting.. hah yeah..

I dont know, there's something about ol Mike that really just reeks of pedophilia now days. Maybe it's cause Im older, but I use to be soooo naive as to what Mike was doing with all those kids. He's wacko Jacko to me now.... sad really....I wont be surprised if they find him guilty.

Good luck MJ, you're gonna need it. Dont know if money's gonna help this time round..Maybe it will who knows. Look at OJ.

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Anonymous said...

I think Jack-O should have had me as his lawyer. I dd wonders with OJ and da glove.

I would just put him in front o da jury box and pull down his pants..everyone would see that he had no penis,and then jibbady-jabbady-joo he's off playin golf with my man OJ..Or back to playing with his elephant man bones, or trying to find Peter Pan's shadow.

-Johnny Cochran