Wednesday, June 10, 2009

been a long sketches!

Hello to my 3 or 4 visitors...haha!!

Here's some new sketches that I been working on the last few days. Gotta roll with the inspiration when it comes, that's for sure!


GhettoFab said...

Do mine eyes decieve me??? Hes back!!! I knew the day would come!!!! Thank the heavens

Jason Newkirk said...

thanks Melman! You're too kind! :)

Tyson Murphy said...

hey your stuff is pretty good!!

i got nothin. it's good!

clockwerkz said...


Dude, let's see some more goodness out of the mind of Newkirk. Rush, for the win.

Ken said...

hey dude thanks for the kind words on my blog! Nice sketches mate, lots of personality here. Keep on posting!

Don Coker said...

Cool stuff, Jason!