Monday, April 30, 2007

my friends are FREAKIN awesome! THANKS!

Well look at some of these pics...they speak volumes about my friends....Im simply just amazed at the time and effort people took to see me out the door with love. Man...just too freakin cool.

I got surprised at the going away thing at Redhook. My good friends presented me with the box in front of me...And made "me".....Holy crap is that thing cool or what!!!!!!!
It was drawn by Tony Ravo, Sculpted by Law Ruelos, Base by Jason Southwick, and paintjob was by Todd Lovering (Todd doesnt have a website I dont think, but the dude is a kick ass painter) Picture was taken by Moksha

Moksha capturing the moment I opened up...haha So cool! The 10 on the back reflects the yr's I put in at Amaze Entertainment

Here is a picture of the plaque that I was presented at work. This was put together by Pete King, and Tony Ravo

A close up of the sculpt. So cool to actually see in person. So well done. THANKS A TON friends!!!! You guys really made my exit special, and I appreciate the thoughtfulness. It means a whole lot to me.

This pic was taken by Danny Ngan (you can check his flickr page...He's got some shots from the party)


El Snoozo said...

When you read this, you will be in "The ___ State" ( Gotta find out what Utha is the "state of.."Near Beer"? perhaps?)

But all the spoils are well deserved my man, you definitely put the time in and earned em all! It was awesome, to be able to work on those trinkets for ya, couldn't think of a more deserving "cat"!

Well best of luck in the new home and kick out some sweet anims at the new workplace!..Keep in touch and maybe the Ravo clan will head on over to Utah and we can have a few laughs ( and I'll bring a few beers ;)

ok said...

The real surprise is on the full moon when the little Newk sprouts arms and pushes his way around your desk gnawing the erasers off of pencils.

Have fun in Utah bro!!!

Bobby Pontillas said...

Have fun at your new gig Jason! Good luck on the move. I know at least one other person there, Mel , a new concept guy.

Jihan said...

You need to read my blog one more time...I think you misunderstood the post, so before you tell the fam that I'm ....., you need to read it again!
How's the great state of Utah? Your're coming home this weekend? Are you going to be with us at the Temple? I hope so!
Take Care,

Jared Shear said...

Hey Jason!...I went went to school with you up in Seattle at AIS, I was traveling through peoples blogs making comments when I saw your thumbnail pick and thought I recognized the face. Anyways, sounds like things are going good for you. Congrats on the Disney gig. Take care!

JW said...

I haven't looked at that in ages. That just makes me smile, Newk!