Wednesday, June 06, 2007

posting a wip...silly me

So Im posting a work in progress just so I can show that Im keeping to my drawing everyday...Im doing this one for a member of my wife's side of the family. She runs her own blog as well, and Im trying to paint up a new banner for her...This still needs lots of love but if you see something that I could change or have anything to say about it...let me know so I can change it....i know there is no face yet...tons to still do...but Im still trying to get the shapes and stuff to look ok. Gonna keep posting...


Jihan said...

IT'S PERFECT!! I was SOO shocked to see it! The writing...the colors.... it's fantastic!!!
I think it's funny that you took the picture of me on the marijuana-vespa as your inspiration:)
Could I suggest a few things?
I LOVE the picture of me on with the lime green scarf and red vespa. could you put a scarf on me? what ever color you like! also... some zebra skin shoes, maybe black pants and a horizontal stripped shirt- you know, the whole french outfit. your welcome to doodle a beret or something similarly frenchy. maybe a long baguette in the scotter basket?...and the skyline of Paris? In that "lime scarf picture", it has paris in the background if you want to copy that. I realize you're doing me a favor, so I don't want to be demanding:)
THANK YOU! I'm soo giddy with excitement! Yippeee!!!

Jihan said...

okay, so as I'm looking at the picture, I totally love the fact that I'm in a plume of blue! I don't want to change it (unless you had plans to)! You know the show Fraiser? How he has just a simple Seattle skyline? I thought maybe I could have a simple skyline of Paris stretch from one side of the blog to the other (so it kind of looks like it's endless...), and then in the middle portion be covered up by my on the vespa in the plume of blue!? I'm just boiling over with excitement!!!! You are the best!

Jihan said...

okay... I PROMISE this is my last comment!
So instead of just a paris skyline, wouldn't it be appropriate for me to have a blended skyline from all over the world. You know, like the Eiffel Tower next to San Francisco Bridge, Big Ben, Space Needle, Leaning tower of Pisa, and a Pogoda in Japan, etc....
I can get you pictures, and a list of some of these iconic places. What do you think? I mean...I'm around the WORLD on my Vespa, right?

Jihan said...

okay, I lied:

I love your writing. It's unpretentious and simple. I don't think I could improve it! I'll play around with some things, but for now, I think it's the best!
I especially love the ZOOM!

Jihan said...

another lie:

can we make "drawing Jihan" look a little slimmer? I mean, that jean jacket wrapped around my waist must add like, what? 20 pounds? Put me in black. If it makes me look slimmer in real life, that must apply in a drawing, right?


Jihan said...

You need to give me your email addy.. or send me an email at, so I have it!

I want to send you some "inspiration photos" of Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O. They are so tres chic, and if you could paste my face on their cute outfits, I'd be set:)

Moksha said...

Awesome drawing Nuke!

Anonymous said...

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