Tuesday, October 03, 2006

inspired by Avalanche!

wow, these guys and gals are good..

Disney/Avalanche artists blog

They hail from my motherland of Utah. A lot of really talented peeps down there.

Anyways, I got inspired to do something of my own after looking through their stuff. I found a great reference profile, and started at it. You can tell I got bored and just wanted to finish it after I slopped the face down. I had a lot of fun working on it...Anyways, here it is.


GhettoFab said...

Hey Jason,
Great post and blog! This Photoshop or painter? Thanks for visiting my blog and the kind words. Look forward to seein the next round!

Newsquirt said...

Mel, thanks, it was done in photoshop.

St John Street said...

Very kool post and link bro hope all has been well with u haven't been here for a sec and I still owe u that demo reel just haven't made time to put it all together lazy bum that I am well hope that all has been well till next time !!!

Todd Harris said...

hey great post here, love your style, the homeland misses you too.