Friday, March 03, 2006

yesterdays figure drawings and a hello!

hey friends, long time no blog. Long time no pick up the pencil either... :( Been super busy trying to get this Pirates thing all done up and ready to go. Also the freelance has been going all last Feb as well. Been busy as of late. Work, family, and freelance makes for a very busy life.

Anyways, here are some figure drawings from yesterday's session that I attended. It was nice to pick up the pencil again. I need to do it more often. I can see some glimmer of hope in my drawings but still see a TON of flaws. But that's why I share them here, if you have any comments on what could get my work to that next level please feel free. Im a professional and can take constructive criticism with the best of them.

Hope to get the blog thing going again. We'll see how the freelance goes. :)

A big WERD! to my pals who support me and to new readers thanks for stoppin on in. On to the drawings


St John Street said...

Yeah baby get back at that life drawing bro great to see that if u need any help hit me up more than happy to help out cause I love it this is my life drawing blog if u didn't know take care bro!!!!!!

sazza said...

Nice drawings!

J. Willis said...

You keep getting better and better! Don't stop.

-Jay Dubb